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🌙🌟The Cosmic Collection

You will receive 
🌙110 Strands 
Authentic Ghana Tie On Waistbeads
47 Inches 
10 Strands each combination

Free Regular Shipping! 

🌙This exclusive creation of unique custom African Waistbeads represents The Universe, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Uranus. 
Featuring solid color, multi color, painted beads and glow in the dark Waistbeads. 
A one of a kind set get yours while supplies last. Every new batch has its own personality. 

🌙It assumes to resemble and reflect the intricacies, vastness, diverse, colourful, powerful energies that is the Galaxy!!!!! Exploding Stars and forming planets, black holes, nebula and the infinite  unknown of unknowns.🌌🌌🔮 

The Cosmic Collection  will include inspiration from the Universe, the planets and all its splendor. 

Thank you so much 

(110) The Cosmic Collection - Authentic Ghana Waistbeads

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