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This is third in a series inspired by

7 Ancient African Orishas

The Orisha Collection

🐚Oshun 💛The Goddess of Love and Femininity🐚

African waist beads made in Ghana

$89 - 20 Strands

An Ancient African Orisha

Goddess of Love Wealth Sensuality


These colors enhance sensuality, motherhood, compassion, strength and spiritual renewal.

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You will receive (20 total)

5- Variety of Hues and Textures of Yellow and Crystal and Gold

Multicolored waist beads

5- Blue crystal Water waist beads

5- Crystal Clear waist beads

5- Shimmering Champagne waist beads

Trusted African Waist beads wholesale vendor 21 years going.

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(20) The Orishas - The Goddess Oshun - Authentic African Waist beads

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