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This is second in a series inspired by

7 Ancient African Orishas

The Orisha Collection

🤍The God of the White Cloth ’Obatala’🤍

African waist beads made in Ghana

An Ancient African Orisha

God of Purity and Creator of the Human Body

His colors are associated with white.

These colors enhance leadership, strength and spiritual renewal. 🌌📚🎙


🤍 Wholesale African waist bead set $89

You will receive (21 total)

7- White Pearlized and Clear Multicolored Waist beads

7- Frosted White Waist beads

7- Pearlized White Waist beads

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Thanks so much

Your trusted African wholesale waist bead vendor 21 years going.

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(21) The Orishas - Obatala- Authentic African Waist Beads

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