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Stock your Shop or Start Your Waistbeads Business with
Gorgeous and Sacred Traditional Authentic African Waistbeads Beautiful colors available made here in Ghana.
Your beautiful waist bead collection will be chosen with 
5 strands per color or combination with each 25 strand order. 
Approximately 47-48 inches per tie on strand


Get a great deal Order up to 50 Strands for an additional discount. 
Extended Length Waist Beads up to 70 inches long.. click here 
Delivery in 3-6 Days Express from Ghana

(25) Authentic Tie-On Ghana Waistbeads Solid or multi colored

  • Traditionally in Ghana Waistbeads represent strength beauty and growth of a woman. Adorned on children from birth and extended as they grow into a woman. Sacred Only to be seen at her time of marriage. Today we have adopted our own neo traditional way to display waistbeads. I am here for all of it. Ya! 

    It is traditional to wash your waist bead in the sea.  So, thankfully living in Ghana, whenever possible I go to the private Bojo Beach in Old Bortianor, Ghana and bless the beads in the ancient sea. I imagine my ancestors have done this very same thing in the very same shores of sweet Ghana long ago.  High Vibes Forever. 

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