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The Orisha Collection

🌊The Goddess Yemaya

An Ancient African Orisha

Spiritual Mother of All

Ocean Maternal Goddess

Sister of Oshun, Mother of Shango

Her colors are associated with royal blue, crystal, turquoise and grey.

These colors enhance peace, harmony, cleansing and spiritual renewal.

Authentic African Waist beads made in Ghana.

You’re number one African/Ghana wholesale waist beads vendor.

🌙 Personal set $45

You will receive (5 total)

1- Moonlight Grey Waist beads

1- Frosted Turquoise Waist beads

1- Clear or White Crystal Waist beads

1- Indigo Blue Waistbeads

1 - Moonbeam Grey, White Glow in the dark Multicolored Waist bead

This unique set available while supplies last!

🌼5 beads strands for $45 includes shipping.

47 -48 inches tie on adjustable


Thank you so much!


5) Yemaya Orisha Goddess African Waist Bead Set

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