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The Cosmic Collection
'Warp Speed'

You will receive 
🌙(20) Twenty Strands 
Authentic Ghana Tie On Waistbeads
47 Inches 

Free Regular Shipping! 

🌙This exclusive creation of African Waistbeads has a mix of Clear Crystal, Indigo Blue, Sky Blue, Brass Emerald Green, Frosted Orange, Yellow, and Matte Gold beads. 

🌙It assumes to resemble and reflect the intricacies, vastness, diverse, colourful, powerful energies that is the Galaxy!!!!! Exploding Stars and forming planets, black holes, nebula and the infinite  unknown of unknowns.🌌🌌🔮 

The Cosmic Collection  will include inspiration from the Universe, the planets and all its splendor. 

Thank you so much 

'Warp Speed' The Cosmic Collection (20) Strands

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