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100 strands of beautiful vibrant colored assorted waistbeads produced and shipped from Ghana. 
Approximately 47 inches long and are strung on traditional string. 
They will vary in size and color. 
Assorted Colors
You will receive 10 of each color.


Custom Option: $50 to choose your 2 color combinations per strand 
and personalize your bead order! 
Email us! 

Thank you so much for your interest and your business my loves! #JahzaraFashionAlchemy

(100) Ghana multicolored Traditional Waist Beads

  • Sacred Waist beads carry a heavy significance in West Africa, they are traditionally, for the woman to wear sacred not to show anyone except her husband after marriage. 

    They were also traditionally used to keep track of how the baby girls were growing.

    So embrace your beauty display they the way that makes you feel fabulous! 

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