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This is it!!!🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

You are seriously considering moving or visiting Ghana.

You need real information, processes, housing info, land building and ownership, citizenship questions, visa info, business, ownership, banking, healthcare, and much more.

I will be your go to liaison for all things Ghana.

Save yourself time and headache let me help you plan your trip to Ghana.

Let us be your folks on site with the answers to all your questions about visiting and living in Ghana.

Your first consult is generally 1-2 hours depending on depth of your journey. From this, we can determine your next steps to visiting or Living to Ghana.

After payment is made you will receive a PDF with GENERAL pertinent information about visiting Ghana, which I recommend all my clients do


Includes lodging, visa, passport, currency, Airport and Covid 19 info about your trip to Ghana.

We will schedule a call/chat/video chat to discuss your specific situations and how that will determine how you do Your Exodus.


I have been coming to Ghana nearly 15 years every year before I finally moved in 2019.

I have a business, land, Non Profit, Farm, Home., etc

I am married to A Ghanaian who has lived here his whole life.

He is a business owner, farmer, who works with immigration and media here in Ghana.

The two of us have all the information you need to visit or move to Ghana.

Have all your questions, we are willing to give sound direction.


Nana and Jahzara

Ghana Exodus Initial Consultation

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