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🔮RAW FRANKINCENSE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

6 oz. - $32.50

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the Nsaa Boutique online
📚Benefits of Frankinsence:
- Great for Prayer,  Meditation and Rituals
- Helps with easing anxiety and problems sleeping.
- Helps with respiratory problems
- Boosts immune system 
- Smells amazing ( infuse some organic oil for your man baybeeee)
- used as an aphrodisiac (oooh lalalal)
- encourages freedom of expression and clarity
Its pretty fabulous! 
I'm hype!
.thanks ya! 🇬🇭💛
#jahzarafashionalchemy #frankincense
#myrrh #love #metaphysical #healing #health #herbalistinTraining

Raw Frankincense - 6oz.

$32.50 Regular Price
$27.63Sale Price
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