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The Orisha Collection

⚡️The God Shango

An Ancient African Orisha

God of Thunder Lighting

Warrior God Of Protection and Justice

Husband of Oya

His colors are red and white.

These colors enhance power and leadership. .

Authentic African Waist beads made in Ghana.

You’re number one African/Ghana wholesale waist beads vendor.

🌙 Wholesale set $89

You will receive (21 total)

7- Painted Red and White Waist beads

7- Frosted Red Waist beads

7- Multi colored and Textured Red and White and solid Red Waist beads


This unique set available while supplies last!

🌼21 beads strands for $89 includes shipping.

47 inches tie on adjustable


Thank you so much!


(21) The Orishas - Shango - Authentic African Waist beads

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